Should You Look For A ‘Cheap Dentist’?


Sometimes dental work is not cheap. So when you need it, it’s hard to know what to do. Should you find the cheapest dentist in your area? Or are there other options for getting quality care at an affordable price? Read on to find out!

Cheap Dentistry

You’ve heard the expression, “You get what you pay for,” and that absolutely applies to dental care. Some patients go to great lengths to find the cheapest dental care, only to regret it later. Some even travel to other countries like Mexico and India because the care there is cheaper. However, they do not have the same standards on educating their doctors, sanitizing the tools and environment, or training of their hygienists. That may sound extreme, but the same risks can take place here in the USA if you’re not careful. Many people take the risk of not going to specialists when they are in need of specialized care because it will be cheaper if they don’t. The truth is, dental specialists like endodontists, periodontists, orthodontists, and oral surgeons have extra years of schooling that prepares them to do precise procedures without mistakes. Often times those who go to general dentists for specialized procedures mistakes will be made because the dentist doesn’t have as much experience in that specific operation. If you end up with an infection, or having to go to another doctor anyway because of a mistake that was made you’ll wish you would have just gotten quality care in the first place.

Affordable, Quality Dentistry

There’s a big difference between ‘cheap’ dentistry and quality care that is affordable. You’re obviously going to want to know you’re being taken care of, but how do you do that without breaking the bank? Here are some ideas.

  • Dental Insurance- It may be in your best interest to get insurance now, before there’s a problem, just in case you or your family ever need a major procedure. Getting wisdom teeth removed is usually somewhere around 1,700$, but with insurance it can be as low as 200$ or lower to you, depending on your plan. So although you’ll have to pay premiums for it, it is significantly cheaper than medical insurance, and deductibles are quite a bit lower.
  • Dental Discount Plans- If you don’t want to pay a premium, a discount plan might be the next best thing. Groups of Dentists form these plans for patients who need discounted prices but can’t afford insurance. This can actually end up being cheaper for you if you don’t have anything all year, because you never have to pay unless you use your discounts. On some plans (depending on the area) a cleaning is 36$ instead of 69$ and a crown is 535$ instead of 981$.
  • Going to a School- If you’re needing something basic, you can go to a school for dentists or hygienists and get a much cheaper prices. You’ll still be safe because they’re usually supervised by licensed professionals, but there are still drawbacks. You won’t be able to get anything done that you need there because they usually only do basic and preventative procedures, the line is usually long, and the hygienists are a lot slower than most at dentists because they are brand new.
  • Preventative Care- Save yourself a ton of money and get your cleanings done every 6 months! A general cleaning is the cheapest thing dental offices offer, and it prevents future problems you might have that are expensive! Brush and floss your teeth, and get cavities and other small problems fixed quickly before they turn into bigger, pricier problems.
  • Clinical Trials- Sometimes drug companies want to test the effectiveness of a drug, so they offer compensation for dental procedures. Although these may be free, be wary of them and get the specifics. You don’t want to put yourself in danger in any way, and they may only be willing to do part of what you need done.

Find a good, qualified dentist in your area who is willing to work with you and give you the best price and care possible. Remember, when it comes to your health, it’s not worth it to skimp on excellent care.

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