How To Get The Most From Your Dental Visits


The biggest thing you can do to make the most of a dental visit is simple —ask questions! You pay for dental care and expert advice is a component of that care. We often only think dentist’s service as what he or she manually does to our teeth, whether it’s fixing a cavity of installing a crown. But your dentist’s skills include the wealth of knowledge they can impart, too.

Questions To Ask At Your Next Visit To The Dentist’s Office

1. Ask about the specific products you use on your teeth. Does you dentist like this brand or that brand, etc.?

2. If you begin taking any new medications, ask you dentist about any dental side effects.

3. If you have small tinges of sensitivity or discomfort, you dental appointment is the time to bring it up. Asking about even minor issues can be helpful as you dentist can keep an eye on things even if there is no problem now.

4. Have your dentist double-check your technique on flossing. While any flossing is better than no flossing, having the proper technique will make it most effective.

5. Ask your dentist for recommendations on other oral care providers. Need to get your wisdom teeth out? While many dentists can perform this procedure, some suggest going to an oral surgeon. Always wanted to get perfectly straight teeth from braces? Ask you dentist who he recommends.

6. Ask the office manager or billing department about different payment options. Many offices office payment plans or discounts for paying in cash. They can also provide help on how to navigate the ins and outs of working with your insurance company.

7. Ask about the anatomy of your mouth. Is it on the small side, causing your teeth to crowd? Is it on the spacious side, with gaps in between your teeth. How does your bite match up? Under bite? Over bite? Knowing your specific mouth shape can help you understand your teeth and they way their interact.

8. If you need to get a procedure, ask plenty of questions about the entire process. Whether it’s just a filling or a full crown, ask your dentist about the pain level, pros and cons, alternative treatments, recovery time, etc.

9. Does your mom swear by xylitol gum or have you heard all the playground moms talking about fluoride? Instead of going with whatever random chat boards you can find online, go to an expert source — your dentist!

10. Ask your dentist questions about themselves. Get to know their background; where they went to school, what they specialized in, etc. Taking a interest in your dentist will make you one of their favorite patients and will give you an insight into their personality and professional methodology.

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