Root Canal Saves The Day (And The Tooth!)

No one really wants a root canal, but when you have an infected tooth, the relief you can feel from a root canal can be almost euphoric. But sometimes, when people are in enough pain or don’t understand their choices, they may opt to have a badly infected tooth extracted rather than have a root canal.

If you want to save your natural tooth, eliminate dental pain caused by an infected tooth, and save money in the long run, our dentists here at Riverside Dental Care recommend having a root canal.

Why Have A Root Canal

When it comes to needing a root canal, that means the enamel and dentin layers of your teeth have become compromised, and now the sensitive pulp in your teeth has become infected. This infection can’t clear out without dental intervention, as the bacteria grow within the shell of your tooth.

Unfortunately, the problem doesn’t stop with a compromised tooth. Not only does an infected tooth become weaker and more prone to breakage, but the bacteria can also escape to go on to infect the surrounding area. A pocket of infection caused by oral bacteria is called an abscess and can be incredibly painful. Left untreated long enough, you may lose the tooth altogether

Rather than deal with mounting pain and potential consequences, a root canal is the main dental service used to address an infected tooth. With a root canal, our dentists can clean out the inside of your tooth, alleviating the painful infection, and fill out the tooth with sterile material. Once the root canal is finished, a crown is placed to protect the tooth, as most of the enamel will have been compromised to clean out the tooth.

Saving Your Natural Tooth Is Best

The combined cost of a root canal and crown can be pricy upfront, making some people consider having an infected tooth extracted. Combined, a single root canal and crown can cost around $1,500-$3,000, while a tooth extraction is usually under $700. However, it is always best to save a natural tooth and not think short-term when it comes to your teeth.

For one thing, having a tooth extracted leaves you with a gap. This new gap in your teeth can lead to your teeth shifting and changes in your bite that can make speaking and eating more difficult. Also, when you don’t have a tooth where you should, you will lose jawbone density in that area, leading to sunken-in facial features.

Also, if you opt to later have your missing tooth replaced with a dental implant, the cost of the dental implant can range from $1,500-$3,500. And the implant won’t last forever, even with great care. But by preserving your natural tooth with a root canal and dental crown, you can enjoy natural speaking, eating, an unchanged bite, and no expiration date on your natural tooth as long as you take your oral hygiene seriously.

Visit Your St. George, UT, Dentists To Protect Your Smile

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and when it comes to your teeth, the best prevention is daily oral hygiene and regular biannual dental cleanings. That way, any amount of tooth decay that starts to form can be addressed early on so that you don’t need a root canal or other expensive dental procedures.

If you are ready to have your dental health taken care of by experienced and compassionate dentists, then it’s time to contact us and set up your appointment.

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