Many people believe there is only one type of dentures. However, dental technology has progressed since then, which our dentists are experienced in using. Now people can choose from a variety of options when it comes to full mouth teeth replacement.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are an excellent choice when you still have many healthy natural teeth. They can be fitted to fill in for absent teeth in most positions in the mouth. Our dentists make sure that the partial dentures match your natural teeth in size and color.

Other key points regarding partial dentures:

  • Generally the least expensive option when it comes to partial teeth replacement
  • Can use dental implants to help secure the partials
  • Abutment (bar which braces the partial denture) can trap bacteria and damage teeth
  • Need to clean carefully to prevent bacteria buildup

Traditional Dentures

When you need to have all of your teeth removed and replaced, traditional dentures are what most people expect to receive. This type of dentures are the least expensive option when it comes to replacing all your teeth. You also have the option of dentures which can be used immediately after your teeth extraction or dentures which will be fitted once your mouth heals.

Other key points regarding traditional dentures:

  • Need to be taken out nightly to clean
  • Requires cream or adhesives to keep these dentures secure
  • Can irritate gums
  • Bone loss occurs which changes the shape of the gums that the dentures rest on

Implant-fixed Dentures

Dental implant technology has given dentures greater security when it comes to implant-fixed dentures. Titanium posts will be place into your jaw bone then the dentures will be fixed to the posts. This keeps your dentures firmly in place so you no longer have to be concerned with your dentures moving.

Other key points regarding implant-fixed dentures:

  • One of the most expensive options when replacing all your teeth
  • Lasts on average the longest out of all the full teeth replacement options
  • Implant posts can help prevent bone loss in the jaw
  • Is not removable

Implant-supported Removable Dentures

Similar to implant-fixed dentures, titanium posts are surgically implanted into the bone of your jaw. However, instead of having your new dentures permanently affixed to the posts, you will have a bar attached, allowing you to remove your dentures at will.

Other key points regarding implant-supported dentures:

  • Usually less expensive than implant-fixed dentures but more expensive than traditional dentures
  • Made of acrylic, which may chip more easily than the thicker materials used for fixed implant dentures.
  • Easier to clean between the gums and dentures as they are removable

We recommend that you meet with our dentists to determine which of these options will best suit your needs. Feel free to contact us today and set up an appointment so you can consult with our dentists.

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