You Heard It From Your Dentist: St George Water And Your Teeth

Many people never consider that the type of water they drink can affect their teeth. So, to set the record straight, our dentists want you to know that your drinking water does have a lasting effect on your teeth, in ways you may not expect. Fluoride And St George Water If you have had a […]

How To Protect Your Dental Implants So They Last For Years

When you choose to invest in your oral health and have dental implants placed in your mouth, you will want to protect that investment. To do so effectively, there are a few key areas which you should pay attention to so you can keep your implants healthy and strong. Careful Consumption Helps Protect Dental Implants […]

​When (and what) To Eat After Dental Cleaning Procedures

A funny phenomenon we’ve seen in our dental office is as soon as a patient has had their bi-annual dental cleaning, they immediately ask us how long they need to wait to eat. It is an understandable concern. No one wants to undo the dental cleaning work but many people come into the office without […]

​5 Reasons to Avoid Gingivitis Like It’s the Plague

Gingivitis is a pretty serious indication that your oral health is going to deteriorate. Just the name of the gum inflammation makes some people uncomfortable, and it should. When bacteria manages to sneak into the space between gums and teeth, gingivitis is the result. Some people think gingivitis just results in some gum tenderness, but […]

Top 4 Sports That Are A Danger To Your Teeth

Many of us love participating in sports. But sometimes a friendly sporting activity can end with you needing to schedule an appointment with your dentist. Obviously, some sports put you and your teeth more at risk than others. Once you know which ones are harder on your teeth’s health, the better prepared you can be […]

​Expect Great Care When Visiting Riverside Dental In Saint George, Utah

Whether you are a new patient or returning client, you deserve to have the best experience when you visit the dentist. There are some key ways to identify an excellent dentist office which you should know of before you head in for your next dental checkup. Welcome From The Start When you walk into a […]

Motivating Kids To Care For Their Teeth

It is important to motivate children to take care of their teeth. The oral habits children learn in childhood will help avoid dental problems like gingivitis, cavities, and more, as they become adults. To help parents and guardians motivate their children, we have come up with several ideas you might implement with your children. Start […]

Boosting Your Mood with Regular Dental Care

Many people might not know that your oral health is directly related to your overall health and that problems in your mouth affect the rest of your body. The past decade has seen a growing interest in the links between dental health and physical health. In a recent study, people with serious gum disease were […]

How to Identify and Fix Gingivitis

Toothpaste commercials from the 70s depicted the gum disease, gingivitis, as an army of evil-looking beings marching off to damage your teeth. While it was only a cartoon, this accurately represents what gingivitis is and what it does. Gingivitis can form in several ways, and you want to have the problem addressed the moment you […]

How To Prepare For A New Crown

So you need a dental crown? Don’t stress! While you might nervous about getting a crown, you don’t need to be. Here are some tips for preparing to receive a new crown. 1. UNDERSTAND THE PROCESS Whether you love or hate the dentist’s office, clearly understanding the procedure you will be receiving will put your […]

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