9 Things Your St George Dentist Wants You To Know

Some of the most important things your dentists here at Riverside Dental Care want you to know are things you are likely already aware of—like brushing at least twice a day and the need to floss once a day. But there are some other dental care-related facts that help protect your oral health that we […]

Electric VS Manual: Is There Really a Difference in Types of Toothbrushes?

A pretty common question our dentists and dental hygienists get during dental cleanings is whether someone should buy an electric toothbrush versus sticking with a manual toothbrush. With constant ads running for popular electric toothbrushes, it can seem like if you don’t have an electric toothbrush, your teeth are not really getting clean. But is […]

COVID-19 Updates From Riverside Dental Care

To Our Valued Patients and Families: We hope this letter finds you and your family in good health. As you know, over the past six weeks we have only been able to treat those patients with emergency/urgent needs. We are excited that many of the restrictions placed on dentists during the “stay-at-home” phase of the […]

Childhood Gingivitis: Types, Signs, And Steps To Take

A common childhood dental issue is chronic gum disease, also called periodontal disease. Often a side-effect of poor oral hygiene it is essential for this dental health issue to be taken seriously, as it can set your child up for a lifetime of poor oral health and potentially tooth loss. To help you identify the […]

Toothaches Are No Joke: When Tooth Pain Needs A Dentist ASAP

Sometimes, it can seem like a toothache will come out of nowhere, ruin a few hours with pain, and disappear again. While it’s frustrating, there can be a lot of reasons why tooth pain comes and goes, from having something stuck between your teeth to unconsciously clenching your teeth for too long. The real problem […]

Answers From Your Dentist: What To Do About Your Child’s Dental Anxiety

While we pride ourselves on providing a welcoming environment here at Riverside Dental Care for our waiting patients, children can often struggle with dental anxiety. Sometimes, this anxiety can stem from previous visits to other dental clinics, or it can simply be general anxiety that some children experience before a dental visit. To help address […]

What Does it Mean When the Dentist Calls Out Numbers During A Dental Exam?

During a dental cleaning, you may have heard a dentist call out numbers to their dental hygienist while examining your teeth. But, with your mouth full of a dentist’s fingers, you may not have had an opportunity to ask what the numbers mean. At Riverside Dental Care, we do our best to explain what we […]

Why Teeth Turn Yellow

When you’re surrounded by a sea of advertisements and other media showing only perfectly even, white-toothed smiles, having teeth that are yellow can be embarrassing. There is implied judgment—i.e., teeth aren’t brushed enough—but there can be many reasons behind having yellow teeth. As your local judgment-free dentist clinics, our dentists at Riverside Dental Care are […]

What To Do If You (Or Your Kid) Knock A Tooth Out

Knocking out a tooth is a painful and potentially scary event, but how you act after you or your kid knocks out a tooth can make a difference. For one thing, there is a difference in how our dentists will address a knocked-out baby tooth versus a knocked-out permanent tooth. Also, the quicker you react […]

What To Do For A Tooth Emergency

Dealing with a dental emergency can be scary, especially if you don’t know what to do. Depending on what happened and the extent of your tooth emergency, there are different things you should do. From immediately after the tooth-damaging event to how to address the tooth emergency long-term, there are various courses of action to […]

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