Crowns are also known as caps. They are used to restore damaged teeth, such as those that are broken or chipped, are overly sensitive. They are also used for teeth that can no longer support new fillings and to improve the appearance of natural teeth that are malformed, permanently discolored, or malpositioned. Crowns may be used in association with bridges to replace missing teeth.

Made from natural-looking porcelain, crowns immediately improve the overall appearance of your smile. Crowns come in a variety of shades, so we choose a color that blends in with your natural teeth. Where once people had to endure unsightly, painful teeth, dental technology has stepped in to provide strong, durable crowns to improve your smile and your health.

Fitting a crown usually requires two appointments. During your first appointment, the tooth receiving the crown will be numbed.  Once your tooth is numb, it is then reshaped so that the crown will fit securely over it. Once the tooth is the proper shape, we make an impression of it. This impression is sent to a top-quality dental lab, where a crown is custom built to fit on top of your existing tooth and the teeth surrounding it.

When the impression is made, we will put a temporary crown over your tooth to protect it until the crown is ready. This temporary crown is inserted using temporary glue that holds it in place, but allows it to be easily removed when your permanent crown is ready.
Please brush, but do not floss, this tooth between your first appointment and your second one. Your temporary crown is made so it can be treated like a regular tooth. However, even with the best of care, a temporary crown can come out. If this happens, please put a drop of Vaseline on it and replace it in your mouth. Even if you have to go a couple of days without the temporary crown, it will not create a serious problem. Simply, call our office the next business day, and we will re glue it for you.

No sedation is needed for your second visit. At this appointment, we will remove the temporary crown and glue your new crown in place. The glue used on the permanent crown is very strong and lasts for years. We will also check your new crown to make sure it fits properly and feels comfortable in your mouth.

Unless you encounter a problem, follow-up care will be provided at your regular dental check ups every six months. If you do encounter a complication with your crown, call our office and let us know what has happened.

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