3 Best Gifts For Mom From Your Dentist

We all know how amazing moms are and that they never really take the time for themselves. On top of that, it can be impossibly difficult to find the right gift for your mom. Well, your St George dentists have you covered. Here are three present ideas that can finally help you nail what your […]

Which Dental Crown Is Best?

When you need a dental crown, it is natural to want the best since taking care of your smile is an essential investment in your future health and self-esteem. Aside from having the right dental crowns, you need to have the right dentists work with you to take care of your root canal and crown […]

Answers From Your Dentist: Common Questions About Dental Crowns

It’s rare that anyone is born with a perfect set of teeth. Either when you are a child or once you become an adult, some of your teeth may be or become problematic. Decay or infection from bacteria or improper care can occur inside teeth, which can be painful. If a simple dental cleaning can’t […]

What Happens To Your Teeth If You Avoid Regular Dental Checkups

There are many people who consistently avoid the dentist. Whether the motivation is fear, finances or procrastination, it’s a course of action–or non-action–that can lead to devastating consequences. Even if you practice good dental hygiene, chances are you’ll develop tooth decay or gum disease at some point. If such issues go untreated because you’re skipping […]

You Heard It From Your Dentist: How To Protect And Strengthen Your Enamel

One of the most significant ways to care for your teeth is to care for your enamel. This hard, semi-transparent white outer layer covers the crown of each tooth, the portion visible above the gums. Enamel protects your teeth from wear and decay and keeps you from feeling extremes of heat and cold as you […]

Improving Your Self Esteem With A Cleaning Trip To The Dentist

As the saying goes, smiling is your chance to “flash those pearly whites.” For those who suffer from dingy and discolored teeth, however, the color may be closer to yellow, brown or gray. There are many things that can lead to this common problem including: Coffee, tea and red wine stains Tobacco stains Age Tooth […]

You Heard It From Your Dentist: How A Healthy Mouth Can Boost Your Mental Health

We all know the hallmarks of a winning smile: a full set of white, even and unbroken teeth with no signs of decay, anchored in healthy, non-receding gums. A great grin is unselfconscious and genuine, bolstered by the knowledge that you’re looking your best. It’s a no-brainer that a healthy mouth makes you look better. […]

Best Dental Cleaning Services For Your Family

It can be tough to find the right dental clinic for the whole family. Rather than shuttle the family between a pediatric dentist and a general dentist, feel free to bring the whole family into Riverside Dental Care. Here at our dental office, the whole family can have their dental needs met. Relax In A […]

What Are Same-Day Dentures?

Also known as immediate dentures, same-day dentures are a kind of dentures which you can receive immediately after you have had your natural teeth extracted by our dentists at Riverside Dental Care. These dentures can be either partial dentures or full dentures. How Same-Day Dentures Work While you can receive same-day dentures immediately after you […]

When Should Children Receive Dental Implants?

The self-esteem of growing children can be heavily impacted by having a permanent tooth knocked out. As most parents know, dental implants are the best way to replace a missing tooth. We have had many parents inquire about dental implants for their children. Unfortunately, dental implants are not suitable for most children. Teens Are The […]

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