Give Yourself the Gift of a Confident Smile!

December is here! Did you know that we have officially entered the greatest giving season of the year? Most of this season you will probably spend time and money buying gifts for others. It’s no wonder that gift cards, books, designer clothes, and toys make fabulous gifts, but have you ever considered that every day […]

Answers From Your Dentist: Can Tooth Enamel Be Restored?

Our bodies naturally have many self-healing properties. Remember that paper cut or canker sore that has plagued you in the past? Day-to-day, it’s easy for us to forget such things because our body naturally heals and recovers from these problems. That’s not the case for everything though and it’s especially not the case for the […]

Why Teeth Turn Yellow

When you’re surrounded by a sea of advertisements and other media showing only perfectly even, white-toothed smiles, having teeth that are yellow can be embarrassing. There is implied judgment—i.e., teeth aren’t brushed enough—but there can be many reasons behind having yellow teeth. As your local judgment-free dentist clinics, our dentists at Riverside Dental Care are […]

Is Bleaching Safe For My Teeth?

Bright white smiles gleam from advertisements, movies, and TV shows. With the constant bombardment of idealized bleached smiles, it is not surprising that many people are interested in whitening their teeth. However, a common concern is how safe it is to bleach your teeth. The thing is, the safety—and effectiveness of teeth whitening—depends on a […]

Can Teeth Whitening Damage Your Teeth

Gleaming white smiles seem to be everywhere, from the ads you see online to the show you watch, making it natural to want to have a bright, white smile of your own. You aren’t alone in wanting a white smile, and there are many teeth whitening options available to make your dream a reality. But, […]