Can Dental Crowns Last a Lifetime?

Anytime you are faced with decision-making, there are likely are specific questions that frame your decision making process. What is required? What will this investment cost? How long will it last? Making decisions regarding your dental health is really no different, and you will probably be asking yourself many of these same questions. When getting […]

Why Teeth Whitening Is Best Left to Professionals

Have your pearly whites lost their luster? Tea, coffee, wine, food, and tobacco products are just a few things that can cause staining or yellowing of your teeth. Avoiding these substances can help further discoloration, but who wants to give up their favorite food and drinks? Thankfully there are many solutions to returning your teeth […]

Why Do Some People Get More Cavities Than Others?

Cavities are caused by a specific type of bacteria known as Streptococcus Mutans. This bacteria feeds off sugars, and when it does this, it also produces an acidic byproduct. The acidic byproduct can damage your teeth and lead to cavities. You’ve probably heard your dentist say that good home care and eating a healthy diet […]

Give Yourself the Gift of a Confident Smile!

December is here! Did you know that we have officially entered the greatest giving season of the year? Most of this season you will probably spend time and money buying gifts for others. It’s no wonder that gift cards, books, designer clothes, and toys make fabulous gifts, but have you ever considered that every day […]

9 Tips to Improve Your Teeth and Gums

Maintaining your gums and teeth doesn’t have to be as complicated or as dreadful as you may think. Making minor improvements can go a long way towards helping you eliminate cavities and gum disease. Attaining good oral health is much like having good overall health. It comes down to being intentional about doing a few […]

Its Time to Schedule End of Year Exams!

There is no denying that we are heading into a busy season with Thanksgiving and Christmas right around the corner. Perhaps you are thinking, I just want to get through the holidays, and then I will give my teeth the attention they need. It’s easy to want to push off that recommended treatment last time […]

Dental Hygienist Appreciation Month

It’s that time of year where we get to highlight and thank a very valuable part of our dental team, our dental hygienists! When it comes to your time in our dental office, have you realized that you spend more time with our dental hygienists than with any other professional in the dental office? If […]

Everything You Need to Know About X-Rays

X-rays are an essential part of your dental visit. They help our dental team see in detail what can’t always be seen by just looking in your mouth. Did you know that without dental x-rays, it is impossible to give an accurate diagnosis of cavities or gum health? X-rays help us to see the details, […]

The Importance of Gum Health

When you look at someone’s smile, what do you notice first? Studies show that most people focus on someone’s teeth because they are most conscientious about their own teeth when it comes to their smile. Focusing on your teeth isn’t a bad thing because your teeth do a lot of work for you after all. […]

Struggling With Dry Mouth? 5 Tips to Stop Dry Mouth!

Ever feel like you have cotton balls in your mouth? If so, you were likely experiencing what we call “dry mouth.” For anyone who has experienced dry mouth, you know that dry mouth isn’t a comfortable feeling. Dry mouth can lead to your tissue and teeth feeling sticky. This can make talking feel more challenging […]