Is It Safe To Start Going To The Dentist Again?

To develop appropriate safety measures and create new cleaning practices to protect staff and patients from transmission of COVID-19, Riverside Dental Care stopped doing elective procedures and only saw emergency patients for a month and a half. We are now reopened and are ready to welcome all dental patients and staff back. But, it is […]

What Are The Benefits Of Getting Your Teeth Polished?

At a full-service dental clinic like Riverside Dental Care, there is a range of services available to keep your teeth healthy and to improve the aesthetic of your smile. But one that is not as commonly understood is teeth polishing. What Is Dental Polishing Benefits Of Getting Teeth Polished Have Your Teeth Polished During Your […]

Can You Blame Your Parents For Bad Teeth?

Regular good dental hygiene can do a lot to protect your teeth from cavities, gum disease, and other oral health issues. However, healthy brushing habits and regular dental visits don’t mean you can’t still have bad teeth, and some people wonder if that is due to their parents. Our genetics can play a significant role […]

Answers From Your Dentist: When Should Baby Teeth Be Gone?

Baby teeth are a common topic for parents to bring up during a visit to Riverside Dental Care. Everything from when to expect all the baby teeth to come in, to when parents should expect for all the baby teeth to be gone are asked. In general, baby teeth can start erupting at six months […]

Get Rid Of Cold Sores With Help From Riverside Dental Care

When you have a cold sore, likely, your first thought isn’t that your dentist can help you deal with it. Cold sores—also called fever blisters—is the common name for the herpes simplex virus, and it causes tiny clusters of blisters to form around lips. Over-the-counter ointments may be able to help you manage your cold […]

4 Misunderstood “Sick” Symptoms That Are Actually Stemming From Dental Problems

Sometimes, people call to reschedule their appointment with us here at Riverside Dental Care because they are feeling sick. In cases of viral and bacterial infections—especially with COVID-19 concerns—pushing your appointment back is best. However, there are times when your symptoms of sickness are actually caused by dental issues To help you identify the difference […]

Smoking VS Vaping: Which is More Harmful to Your Dental Health?

Let’s be clear—both smoking and vaping are harmful to your dental health. There are countless scientific studies to prove the detrimental impact, though not as much research on vaping, as it is the newer vice. However, if you are working on cutting back on smoking and aren’t sure if you should taper with cigarettes or […]

Does Thumb Sucking Impact My Child’s Teeth?

As a parent, it’s easy to be worried about behavior that could potentially have long-term effects on their child’s health. Dental and orthodontic health are commodities that are emerging and now more freely and readily available to children than ever before. Many children require braces or headgear to correct cosmetic or medical concerns. Parents may […]

My Kids Hate Brushing Their Teeth, What Should I Do?

It isn’t unusual for kids to push back against brushing their teeth at some point. Sometimes, children may hate brushing their teeth because they are expressing a desire for self-sufficiency, though they likely don’t have the words to express what they want clearly. In other cases, a kid’s resistance to teeth brushing may be rooted […]

Can A Dentist Know You Smoke By Your Teeth?

When preparing to go in for a dental cleaning appointment, sometimes people worry that their dentists will see signs of dental issues and judge them. However, that is far from what your dentist is there to do! Smokers, in particular, can become concerned that their dentists can tell that they smoke on their teeth. While […]

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