5 Amazing Benefits Of Using A Water Flosser

Did you know that studies show that only 30% of adults floss on a daily basis? The number one reason that people give for not flossing is that it is so cumbersome and inconvenient. Even when we know something is good for us, it can still be so challenging to get into good habits of […]

Answers From Your Dentist: Do Crowns Cause Bad Breath?

Chances are we all can recall a time when we were alarmed by our own breath. Perhaps you still can recall that moment quite clearly. Sometimes it is a distinct smell that we can pinpoint and other times it seems to strike us out of the blue with no definite reason. It may seem strange […]

Canker Sores – A Fact Sheet From Your Dentist

Canker sores come in all different shapes and sizes. These pesky things seem to plague all of us at point or another during our lifetime. So, what is a canker sore and what causes it? We hope to dive in and answer these questions and also help you understand if your dentist can help out […]

Toothbrush Abrasion – How To Know If You’re Brushing Too Hard

Country driving at 55 mph at night can really leave your bumper and windshield a disaster with bugs! Have you ever tried scrubbing those bugs off the front of your car? If you have, you know it takes some major pressure and elbow grease to get those bugs off. Fortunately, it doesn’t take the same […]

What’s The Deal With Charcoal Toothpaste?

Did you know that the number one patient concern in the dental office is that they would like whiter teeth? We all want a smile that we can feel good about and for many of us it comes down to feeling confident about the shade of our teeth. There is no one product that fits […]

Fall Fruits & Vegetables And Their Impact On Oral Health

What comes to mind when you think about fall? If you’re like our team, you picture crisp mornings, that favorite hot drink on a cool day, hearty dinners with loved ones and perhaps a few excuses to seek out the less than healthy options. Fall doesn’t need to mean straying from making healthy choices for […]

Answers From Your Dentist: What Are The Stages Of Tooth Decay?

Did you know that 92% of adults have tooth decay? Chances are if you haven’t personally struggled with tooth decay, you probably know a close family member or a friend who has! Tooth decay is often referred to as caries or cavities. It is when there are damaged or broken down areas of tooth structure […]

What Is The Difference Between Plaque And Tartar?

Have you ever left your dentist’s office wondering why your teeth feel cleaner after your dental cleaning than they do after you brush and floss them at home? The reason for this has much to do with the difference between plaque versus tartar. Some people think that these two terms are of the same meaning, […]

What Are The Benefits Of Getting Your Teeth Polished?

At a full-service dental clinic like Riverside Dental Care, there is a range of services available to keep your teeth healthy and to improve the aesthetic of your smile. But one that is not as commonly understood is teeth polishing. What Is Dental Polishing Benefits Of Getting Teeth Polished Have Your Teeth Polished During Your […]

Get Rid Of Cold Sores With Help From Riverside Dental Care

When you have a cold sore, likely, your first thought isn’t that your dentist can help you deal with it. Cold sores—also called fever blisters—is the common name for the herpes simplex virus, and it causes tiny clusters of blisters to form around lips. Over-the-counter ointments may be able to help you manage your cold […]

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