What Are The Benefits Of Getting Your Teeth Polished?

At a full-service dental clinic like Riverside Dental Care, there is a range of services available to keep your teeth healthy and to improve the aesthetic of your smile. But one that is not as commonly understood is teeth polishing. What Is Dental Polishing Benefits Of Getting Teeth Polished Have Your Teeth Polished During Your […]

Get Rid Of Cold Sores With Help From Riverside Dental Care

When you have a cold sore, likely, your first thought isn’t that your dentist can help you deal with it. Cold sores—also called fever blisters—is the common name for the herpes simplex virus, and it causes tiny clusters of blisters to form around lips. Over-the-counter ointments may be able to help you manage your cold […]

Smoking VS Vaping: Which is More Harmful to Your Dental Health?

Let’s be clear—both smoking and vaping are harmful to your dental health. There are countless scientific studies to prove the detrimental impact, though not as much research on vaping, as it is the newer vice. However, if you are working on cutting back on smoking and aren’t sure if you should taper with cigarettes or […]

Toothaches Are No Joke: When Tooth Pain Needs A Dentist ASAP

Sometimes, it can seem like a toothache will come out of nowhere, ruin a few hours with pain, and disappear again. While it’s frustrating, there can be a lot of reasons why tooth pain comes and goes, from having something stuck between your teeth to unconsciously clenching your teeth for too long. The real problem […]

Dry Mouth? What Medications Can Do To Your Teeth

Occasionally having a dry mouth is uncomfortable, but generally, it isn’t a serious issue. However, when you experience dry mouth frequently, it can have a serious impact on your teeth, as well as an overall effect on your oral health. Some of the signs of dry mouth are: Mouth feels sticky and potentially grainy Halitosis […]

Do You Have Bad Breath? We Can Fix That!

No one wants to be in a position where they are that person. You know, the person who has potent bad breath, and you shuffle back while they talk to you, but they keep moving closer with their dragon breath? Yeah, that person. In many cases, bad breath can be resolved with some quality time […]

Teeth Are Not Tools!

Your teeth play many important roles. They help you form words clearly, chew up and eat food, fill out your facial features, and allow you to convey a variety of emotions by showing your teeth. But sometimes, it can be tempting to use teeth for something beyond their intended purpose. Unfortunately, here at Riverside Dental […]

When Should You Change Your Toothbrush?

Sometimes, people wait until their biannual cleaning to replace their toothbrushes. While the cleaning can act as a helpful reminder, Dr. Stevens of Riverside Dental Care says, “You should replace your toothbrush more often than you think.” In fact, according to the American Dental Association, you should change your toothbrush every three to four months. […]

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