What Happens To Your Teeth And Gums When You Forget to Floss?

So you are on your way to your six-month routine dental care appointment, and suddenly you realize you haven’t flossed since your last cleaning! Oops. Have you ever found yourself in this scenario? First of all, don’t think that you are alone. Studies show that most adults don’t floss their teeth regularly. Second, know that […]

How Does Toothpaste For Sensitive Teeth Actually Work

If you have sensitive teeth, you know tooth sensitivity is no fun. No one enjoys feeling pain when they consume something hot or cold. Thankfully, many products are available today to help reduce sensitivity so that eating and drinking aren’t so painful. Sensitivity can range from minor to severe. Sometimes it’s a sign of something […]

Why is Saliva So Important For Your Dental Health

Did you know that one commonly overlooked factor in dental health is your saliva? Saliva plays a vital role at the beginning of your food digestion, but it also plays many roles in your mouth’s health. Surveys show that many of us rarely think about saliva unless we find ourselves with a dry mouth. When […]

Why It’s Important To Brush Baby Teeth

Babies aren’t born with teeth, but that toothless grin doesn’t last for long. Most babies get their first tooth between the ages of 3 months and 12 months. By the age of 3, most children have all 20 primary teeth present in their mouth. It is imperative to be caring for these teeth, and it’s […]

Kissing And Dental Health – What You Need To Know

Did you know that kissing can be good for your health? That’s right, and your dentist even admits that kissing can be useful for your dental health! It might be strange to think about kissing and your health when you’re in the moment, but many changes and processes are happening in your body when you […]

What Does Stress Do To Your Teeth & Mouth?

“Do you find yourself under a lot of stress?” Don’t be surprised if your dentist or dental hygienist asks you this question while you’re in the dental chair. More and more signs of stress are showing up in our mouths. Studies show a correlation between stress and tooth pain, as well as stress and teeth […]

What Is Dental Debridement And Why Would I Need It?

It’s been a while since you’ve seen your dentist. No worries, your dental hygienist can help you get your oral health back on track. We all build up plaque, a soft, sticky substance that forms on teeth. Over time, minerals in our saliva can mineralize soft plaque into a hard substance known as tartar buildup. […]

Should I Change My Toothbrush After Being Sick?

We’ve all struggled with sickness enough to know that it’s not fun. Chances are you’ve heard your fair share of “do this and not that” when it comes to sickness and staying healthy. Perhaps you’ve been told to Immediately wash the sheets, disinfect the house, clean the bathrooms, and throw away your toothbrush. Throwing out […]

Are Sugar-Free Drinks Safe For Your Teeth?

When it comes to tooth decay, most people realize sugar has direct effects on our teeth. While you might have heard your dentist refer to watching your sugar intake to reduce your risk of cavities, many aren’t as familiar with acidity and how this affects our teeth. While it would be nice and convenient if […]

5 Amazing Benefits Of Using A Water Flosser

Did you know that studies show that only 30% of adults floss on a daily basis? The number one reason that people give for not flossing is that it is so cumbersome and inconvenient. Even when we know something is good for us, it can still be so challenging to get into good habits of […]