Yearly Trip to Haiti

Trip To Haiti – 2015


Day 1

November 11, 2015

Dr. Stevens, Jamie, and Aspen representing Riverside Dental Care in Haiti this year. “I’m pretty excited about checking on the kids we have seen over the past few years. We have a full week of work here starting tomorrow.” – Dr Stevens


Day 2

November 12, 2015

First day of clinic at the school in Kenskoff was a rough start. Most of our instruments and supplies that we left here from our last visit were missing. It is amazing what you can come up with when you are in need.¬†We use a sharpie and mark on the patient’s cheek so we can remember where we numbed our patients and we have the patients hold their own instruments.


Day 3

November 13, 2015

Today we traveled to the Haiti partners community school. The only thing we had to work on was a circular table. We couldn’t keep people from circling around us to watch. It was like dentistry in the round.

One thing that I find funny is how quickly word spreads about what we are doing. This morning there was a young man who didn’t like his yellow teeth, so I took a few minutes and cleaned all the stain and plaque off his front teeth. For the rest of the day all anyone wanted me to do was clean their front teeth so they would be white. Not one person has asked me to clean their teeth in the past three years that I have been here.


Day 4

November 14, 2015

Setting up for clinic day 3. It takes us about an hour to set up every time we move clinic. The hard part is cleaning up in the dark when we are finished.

Also in one picture we are playing jello in the back of the land cruiser. Most of these roads are not well maintained and bumpy.


Day 5

November 15, 2015

Today was our hike up to Masson. Two miles straight up carrying all our supplies. Interesting things from today include:
1. Superman and his pack mule to the rescue.
2. French class being held outside.
3. The biggest game of duck duck goose I’ve ever seen.


Extra Pictures

Haiti 2015

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