Teeth Dreams

Frequently I hear from a patient that they have recurring dreams that their teeth are falling out. Most often they are looking for reassurance that their teeth are healthy. According to the web site Dream moods, Dreams of teeth falling out are the most common dreams it receives.

Dr. Oz has an article posted on his website about the 5 most common recurring dreams. He suggests that teeth falling out dreams have nothing to do with your oral health at all. He believes that when your teeth fall out in a dream is usually means that in waking life you have let something out of your mouth that you should not have.

I have a much more simple belief. Most people that I see that have a recurring dream about their teeth are legitimately concerned about their oral health and this tends to manifest in their dreams. I have noticed that the people that have dreams about their teeth usually have excellent home care and very healthy teeth. These patients care about their teeth and want to keep them healthy. These are the patients that usually schedule an appointment if they feel the slightest twinge in their teeth.

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