Finding a Cheap Dentist vs Good Dentist


If you’re in need of a dental procedure, you might have gotten prices and realized it’s not always cheap. But is it worth it to search for the cheapest dentist and go with them based off of cost alone? Here are 5 questions to ask yourself before you pick the cheapest dentist to do your dental work.

1. Is this doctor qualified? The last thing you want is a doctor who doesn’t know what he’s doing. If the procedure you need is delicate and precise, it may be worth it to go to a specialist or a dentist who’s gotten certified in that specific procedure. For example, going to anyone for a sinus lift and an implant may result in the doctor making a mistake and ending up with a perforated sinus and having to go to another doctor to fix it. Check first to see if your dentist has attended continuing education classes on implants specifically or gotten certifications that he or she can successfully perform them.

2. Are the hygienists and assistants qualified? The dental hygienists and dental assistants in the office are the ones who give you cleanings and sterilize the tools that are used in your mouth. Having a cleaning by someone who’s not utilizing top-of-the-line equipment can be painful and time consuming. Those who have been to school and have a lot of experience have learned how to properly and thoroughly clean without hurting you. Also, if tools are not sterilized appropriately you can get infections in your mouth from the bacteria.

3. Am I being deceived? If every other dentist in the area is giving you a higher price quote than one office is, they might be lying just to get you in the door. Many offices give you price quotes for a copay with your insurance and then have you sign something stating that you’ll pay no matter if the insurance pays or not. After the procedure they might say that they were surprised the insurance didn’t pay more and you’ll be paying the same amount as you were quoted at the other offices in town anyway. If a procedure costs that much, why would it suddenly be significantly cheaper somewhere else?

4. Are they skimping on materials, and will I be comfortable? Specialists are usually trained to administer general anesthesia for bigger operations, whereas doctors who are not might simply give you a sedative pill and do it under local anesthesia. Although that decreases the cost, since you’re not completely knocked out, you could move in your sleep and mess up the entire procedure. Or, if they do a procedure under local anesthesia and you’re awake, you might not be completely numb and it will be incredibly uncomfortable to bear. You might also want to ask if they’re using the most current technology available for what you need, because if it’s not a high quality, you might end up replacing that bridge or crown in a few years anyway and paying more.

5. Is there a way I can get quality care at an affordable price elsewhere? There is always a way for you to find a good dentist and still afford it. Yes, you might end up paying a little more than the “cheap” dentists, but when it comes to your health, taking short cuts does not benefit you in the long run. Some ways you can save money are dental insurance, dental discount plans, taking preventative measures, being a part of clinical trials, or getting on a payment plan through your dentist.

Look for dentists in your area who you trust with your oral health rather than simply looking based off of cost. You will not regret this choice in the long run! Click here for a trustworthy, qualified, affordable dentist near you.

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