4 Reasons To Change Your Dental Insurance

Dental work is expensive. Dental insurance can be even more expensive. Sometimes, paying for dental insurance and then having to pay a portion of dental work can be way more expensive than you can afford. There may be many reasons to drop your dental insurance; here are four of them.

#1: It Doesn’t Cover Everything You Need

Many people believe when they have dental insurance, they are covered for whatever they need. This is untrue. Many patients find they need to pay for portions of their dental work out of pocket even if they have insurance. This can be quite disappointing.

#2: You’re Paying More For Your Insurance Than You’re Getting Out of it

Some people do not use everything that is covered in their insurance policy. Most dental policies include preventative and diagnostic services, which means it includes annual exams every six months, x-rays once a year, and then fluoride treatment. The problem is that these policies also include fillings, root canals and crowns, which many people do not need. This means they end up paying for protection against procedures they may never need.

#3: The Plan Has A Waiting Period

Some insurance companies require a waiting period. This waiting period is protections for insurance companies. Some customers choose to wait until they have a lot of dental work procedures to get dental insurance and then drop it once their work has been done. This is not in favor of the typical dental patient who is looking to have long term, reliable coverage.

#4: Your Plan Limits Your Provider Options

Many dental insurance companies will have a list of preferred dentists. This means if you see someone outside of that list, you may end up paying some of the cost out-of-pocket. Dentists on the preferred list will complete dental work for a specific price, while others can charge more. The extra charge is your responsibility.

Financing Is an Option

It’s true dental care can be costly. However, many dental clinics offer financing to help people pay for the cleanings and work they need to improve and protect their oral health. Call Riverside Dental Care today to discuss our financing options. You will likely find they fit into your budget quite well, and you won’t have to deal with the headaches and financial struggle of dental insurance.

Even though we have identified four reasons to reconsider your dental insurance, we understand this can seem as though we are opposed to dental insurance. This is not true. If you find dental insurance works for you, that’s great. If you do some research and find that it’s better to work with us on the cost, then that works too. Health and finances are incredibly stressful. We want to be sure you have the best of both worlds working in your favor.

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