What To Do To Prevent The Need For Dental Implants

Dental implants are an increasingly popular solution for replacing decayed or missing teeth. A dental implant has an artificial tooth root inserted into the jaw that a prosthetic tooth is placed on.

While there several solutions for replacing missing teeth, dental implants are becoming a preferred method because they preserve jaw structure and prevent bone loss.

With bridges and other methods, the jawbone can begin to deteriorate under the missing tooth because it is not getting the stimulation of chewing and biting that it is used to with your natural tooth root. Dentures, another common solution for missing teeth, also can have long-term negative effects. Because your denture absorbs all the force and pressure of daily activities, your jaw bone will grow weak. And a weak jaw bone will give your face and mouth a sunken look.

Another benefit of dental implants is that they also do not disturb surrounding teeth the way bridges do.

But, just because crowns are a good fix for missing teeth does not mean you want one! If you ask any of our dentists they will tell you that it is always better to have your original teeth in good condition. Dental work is expensive, time consuming, possibly painful and can sometimes need to be fixed or adjusted.

What can you do to prevent the need for dental implants or other prosthetic tooth procedures? Here are three suggestions.

1. Brush and floss twice daily.

Yep, this is boring advice that you have heard a million times but it still rings true! These simple habits that begin in your youth will carry you through your elderly years if you stay consistent.

2. Don’t miss your twice yearly check-ups.

Even if you have the best dental habits, sometimes you still need help from the dentist to keep your smile in tip top shape. Regularly attending your appointments will help you stay on top of any issues and get the resolved quickly before they get out of hand.

3. Watch your soda and candy consumption.

Regular soda drinking combined with lax oral hygiene habits can wreak havoc on your teeth. There is a strong link between soda consumption and tooth decay. This is because the sugar in your soda combines with the bacteria in your mouth to create an acidic environment that can damage your enamel. The association also warns that children are even more susceptible to decay because their enamel is still developing.

Some sports drinks and juices can also have very high sugar content so make sure to watch your consumption of those beverages as well.

Excessive candy consumption is a another culprit that can lead to tooth loss and eventually the need for dental implants. Exposing your teeth to high sugar content found in hard candy like suckers, and sticky treats like toffee and caramel, are particularly harmful.

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