5 Ways Crowns Will Transform Your Smile

5 Ways Crowns Will Transform Your Smile

Having a stunning smile is the crown jewel of any outfit and can boost the self-confidence of the person sporting that smile. There are many dental services that can help you achieve that smile, but you should know about the 5 specific ways that crowns will transform your smile.

1. Fix Chipped Teeth

Recently we had a teen in our office who had chipped his front tooth with a corn nut of all things. He was distraught, thinking he was disfigured for life.

Yet one temporary crown later, he left our office all smiles. After a week we were able to fit him with a permanent crown and he’s promised to be more careful in his snack food choices.

Chipped teeth, whether large or small chips, can not only damage your smile but also leave you open for infection and decay. By crowning your chipped teeth, you can protect them from these hazards.

2. Straighten Teeth Without Braces

Many of us have had one or two teeth that were stubbornly out-of-place, distorting our otherwise straight toothed smile. It may not be enough to bother with braces of any sort, but it can be a distraction from what is almost a perfect smile.

Instead of just sucking it up or ponying up the money to get braces, you can correct a crooked tooth with a crown. Why have months of discomfort when you can take a couple appointment and get a perfect smile?

3. Crown, Don’t Extract

It can be embarrassing to smile and worry that you may have a gap show where your tooth was extracted. Yet that is the choice some make when they have tooth that needs a root canal. However, no matter where the tooth is missing, at some point it will likely be noticed.

Not only will a crown be able to protect your tooth after a root canal, it will also keep you from needing the more costly dental implant later down the road, which you’ll need if you don’t want to lose jaw bone density.

4. Change The Shape

Sometimes teeth just don’t form correctly, so while all your other teeth are of similar sizes and fit well together, there is just that one odd tooth out that refuses to conform.

Don’t let your smile get held hostage by a stubbornly misshapen tooth. A dental crown will even out the tooth’s shape and give you an even bite.

5. Boost Overall Confidence

Have you ever looked at models and wondered where their confidence comes from? From the ultra-fit Victoria Secret Angels to plus-size models, they all sport sparkling smiles from which they radiate confidence.

While you may not be strutting down a catwalk anytime soon, going through life is your own personal runway. With crowns to repair any tooth damage, you can feel more confident when working with coworkers, going on dates, and taking pictures. No more need to duck cameras like the paparazzi are after you.

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