What Are Same-Day Dentures?

Also known as immediate dentures, same-day dentures are a kind of dentures which you can receive immediately after you have had your natural teeth extracted by our dentists at Riverside Dental Care. These dentures can be either partial dentures or full dentures.

How Same-Day Dentures Work

While you can receive same-day dentures immediately after you have had your natural teeth, you will need four to five visits to our dental clinic before the removal of your teeth. During these visits, you will usually:

  • Consult with our dentists
  • Have impressions of your jaw and teeth made
  • Select color of the teeth in same-day dentures
  • Have back teeth removed before all teeth are removed
  • Try on back teeth

Removing the back teeth is only a step if you are going to receive a full set of same-day dentures. By removing the back teeth and allowing that area to heal, it is more likely that your same-day dentures will fit correctly. These visits ensure that your same-day dentures will fit correctly.

Pros And Cons Of Same-Day Dentures

As with all dental procedures, there are pros and cons to choosing to have same-day dentures. Depending on your circumstances, some of the pros and cons will not be much of a factor. Keep that in mind as you review the potential pros and cons of same-day dentures.

Pros of Same-Day Dentures

  • You never have to be without visible teeth.
  • The dentures can help protect your gums after the extraction of your teeth.
  • No dietary changes needed due to the lack of dentures.

Cons of Same-Day Dentures

  • Can be more costly than traditional dentures.
  • Often can require several adjustments and even a complete remake as gums heal and shrink.
  • Can be uncomfortable to use immediately after teeth extraction as the gums are swollen.
  • Not everyone can receive same-day dentures, depending on the structure of their mouth.

Alternatives To Same-Day Dentures

There are quite a few options for teeth replacements rather than same-day dentures. Some of the top options we offer at Riverside Dental Care are:

  • Traditional dentures – This kind of dentures are full teeth replacements and removable. They will be fabricated after your teeth have been removed and your gums have healed. By waiting after your mouth has healed, the fit of your dentures will be more precise.
  • Implanted dentures – A longer-lasting full teeth replacement, implanted dentures are fixed and can act exactly like your natural teeth. Titanium posts are inserted in the jaw, that way the dentures can remain stable and the jawbone can be appropriately supported.
  • Bridge – If you do not need all your teeth replaced but have multiple teeth in need of replacement, a bridge is a good option. This kind of denture is a partial denture which can be implanted or made removable.

Whether you are interested in same-day dentures or other dental services, contact us to set up an appointment. Our dental clinic will be able to achieve the smile of your dreams.

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