What Are The Benefits Of Getting Your Teeth Polished?

What Are The Benefits Of Getting Your Teeth Polished
At a full-service dental clinic like Riverside Dental Care, there is a range of services available to keep your teeth healthy and to improve the aesthetic of your smile. But one that is not as commonly understood is teeth polishing.

What Is Dental Polishing

Teeth polishing—also called dental polishing—is usually part of the dental cleaning process. After your teeth are scaled by scraping off plaque and tartar from your teeth, dental polishing happens next. There are two common ways that dental staff will polish your teeth.

  • One teeth polishing method uses some level of fine to coarse paste contained in a flexible rubber cup that is attached to a rotating tool. This tool is run along the surface of your teeth to help remove light stains and leftover dental plaque.
  • The other teeth polishing method combines water jet and air, alternating between them, along with sodium bicarbonate or glycine. This method is less invasive and can help remove slightly deeper dental stains while protecting sensitive teeth.

Some people opt to skip dental polishing during their dental cleanings, but they are missing out on the numerous benefits that are associated with this process.

Benefits Of Getting Teeth Polished

Having your teeth polished can help prevent a number of dental issues, from plaque build-up to harmful oral bacteria overgrowth. If you are on the fence about teeth polishing, check out the benefits below.

Reduce Dental Plaque Buildup

Dental plaque will build up even with the best oral hygiene practices, which is part of why having professional cleanings every six months is important. Not only will the built up plaque be scraped off by our dental staff, but the polishing will help keep your teeth dental plaque-free for longer.

Preserve Dental Enamel

Your teeth’s enamel is a finite resource that helps to protect the sensitive layers below. As the enamel becomes damaged, that’s it, there is no replacement. Yet, with dental polishing, you can preserve your dental enamel as the polishing helps to reduce the bacteria and plaque that contributes to enamel erosion.

Remove Harmful Oral Bacteria

As we mentioned above, the teeth polishing process helps to remove harmful oral bacteria from your mouth. While this bacteria will grow back, the teeth polishing process can help put a dent in the population.

Lower Chance Of Gum Disease

Built-up dental plaque plays a significant role in gum disease, as it provides bacteria with an opening to get between your teeth and gums. With your dental plaque removed with teeth polishing, your chances of developing periodontitis are lower.

Help Chase Away Bad Breath

Bad breath can be a result of oral bacteria buildup, though there are other reasons why you may struggle with halitosis. But, with teeth polishing reducing your overall oral bacteria population, you can beat back bad breath.

Improve Overall Teeth Appearance

It’s no illusion, after dental polishing, your teeth will look a bit brighter. That’s because teeth polishing helps to remove light surface stains on your teeth that aren’t likely to be removed by simple teeth brushing.

However, if you want a more dramatic change in your teeth’s appearance, you’ll need some of our other dental services, from teeth whitening to porcelain veneers.

Have Your Teeth Polished During Your Next Dental Cleaning

While teeth polishing alone can’t keep you from developing a cavity or gum disease, it can help as you keep up with your daily oral hygiene routine.

If you are ready for your next dental cleaning and teeth polishing, then it’s time to contact us to set up your appointment. We’re ready to help you enjoy the best oral health possible!

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