You Heard It From Your Dentist: St George Water And Your Teeth

Many people never consider that the type of water they drink can affect their teeth. So, to set the record straight, our dentists want you to know that your drinking water does have a lasting effect on your teeth, in ways you may not expect.

Fluoride And St George Water

If you have had a cavity, something our dentists like to recommend is toothpaste with fluoride. That is because fluoride has been found to help prevent tooth decay and to strengthen weakened spots on teeth. It is a completely naturally occurring mineral, and many cities add it to their drinking water supplies.

St George, according to their 2016 Drinking Water Quality Report, does not add fluoride to the drinking water. There is some fluoride in the water from natural deposits, but you may want to add more fluoride to your oral care routine to boost your teeth’s protection. Ways you can do this are with oral hygiene care products which state that they have added fluoride. Some of these products are:

  • Toothpaste
  • Mouthwash
  • Oral tablets (must be prescribed by dentist)

Other Water Sources You May Be Drinking

St George and much of the surrounding towns have water which is considered hard water. This simply means the water has a high concentration of minerals. While a high load of minerals can affect the taste and even the smell of the water, hard water does not affect your teeth.

Since the water in St George is hard, you may have opted to drink from other water sources. These may have an effect on your teeth. Some potential sources of drinking water are:

  • Bottled water – Aside from the fact that bottled water is the least eco-friendly water option, most bottled waters do not have any fluoride. If this is your main water source, it is vital that you use supplementary fluoride in your oral care products.
  • Filtered water – Whether you use a filtration pitcher or one that connects directly to your kitchen faucet, make sure it does not filter out fluoride particles. Many currently on the market do filter out fluoride with all other minerals.
  • Water softener – What your water softener filters out it highly dependent on the company you work with to have it installed. Be sure to ask if your water softener filters out fluoride with other minerals. If it does, make sure you supplement with oral care products that have added fluoride.

If you are worried that your teeth may have been affected by the water you are drinking, then make sure you come and have a checkup with our dentists!

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