Perio Breath Fact Sheet – Everything You Need To Know

Have you ever been talking with someone and been caught off guard by their bad breath? You might have been able to link the smell to garlic or onions from a previous meal, but sometimes bad breath can be the result of something more serious, such as perio or gum disease.

When you have a condition called perio breath, the disease in your gums may be causing foul odors in your mouth. It is possible to have perio breath and not even realize that you have it. It is also possible to recognize that you have it and try to mask it, but the truth is that perio breath can’t be concealed. Gum chewing, brushing with mint toothpaste, or spraying a breath freshener won’t help this bad breath.

Symptoms Of Gum Disease

Gum disease is often referred to as a silent disease. It is referred to as a silent disease because you could have it and not even know it. Knowing some signs of gum disease can help you recognize the condition to get the help you need.

The sooner gum disease is caught, the better. Gum problems that are seen in the early stages may just be gingivitis. In this stage, inflammation can be reversed before it progresses to the more severe periodontitis that involves bone loss. If you recognize any of these symptoms below, seek out help from your dentist:

  • Bleeding or tender gums
  • Bad breath that doesn’t go away with improved home care and other preventative measures
  • Receding gums
  • Loose teeth
  • Pain while chewing

The Connection Between Periodontitis And Bad Breath

Bacteria usually cause bad breath (halitosis). These bacteria break down proteins in the mouth and produce a byproduct known as volatile sulfur compounds. These compounds smell bad, which causes your breath to stink. Bacteria like to live on your tongue, and it also hides out in the dark crevices between your teeth and under your gum tissue.

Bacteria also cause gingivitis and periodontal disease, thus increasing the likelihood of bad breath. The relationship between bad breath and perio often goes hand-in-hand. Perio often leads to bad breath. Vice versa, it is possible for the bacteria causing bad breath to eventually lead to perio if the bacteria is well managed through routine dental visits and good home care.

Treatment For Gum Disease And Bad Breath

The sooner that you seek out treatment, the better. There is no reason to feel ashamed should you discover that you have one or more listed perio symptoms listed above. The most crucial part is that you contact your dentist and seek out an evaluation.

Periodontitis requires special treatment from your dentist to remove bacteria that is causing this disease in your gum tissue. If bad breath is being caused by gum disease, the bad breath should resolve once the gum health is better managed. Bad breath from other sources may require treatment depending on the cause of your bad breath. Your dentist will be able to evaluate your halitosis and give you suggestions for fixing it.

Once your perio has been treated, you can practice good homecare to reduce your chances of bad breath returning. Following these easy steps will help to keep your oral health in good shape:

  • Brush twice a day
  • Floss daily
  • Visit your dentist

When you have been diligent in your home care routines, and your dentist tells you that your mouth is healthy, you can be confident in more than just your smile. The chances are that you will be staying away from halitosis too!

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